It’s our school, ‘Compre’ is our school

You show us the way to go

You build us, you mould us, to produce what is right

You teach what we need to know


You build in us a desire to learn

A hunger for knowledge and right

You help us to earn an education that’s sure

A foundation for the rest of our lives




You mould our minds you configure our thoughts

To produce a character that’s strong

You’ve taught us to give of ourselves and our time

To the society in which we belong




You produce just the best make us proud of our quest

To Comprehensive we owe everything

As you’ve lifted us high when we tell you good bye

Your anthem forever we’ll sing


Chorus (2x)

By: Mr. Louis Wade Jr.


I pledge to dedicate myself to my studies here at Belmopan Comprehensive School, for the betterment of my school, my country and my God.


I will wear with pride the BCS uniform and make her proud wherever I may go and in all I think, do and say.


I will be honest and respectful to, my parents, my teachers, my leaders and those in authority.


I pledge to let the strong character and indomitable spirit produce in me, from this noble school- build me and mould me for the rest of my life.