The Caribbean Examinations Council (C.X.C.) examinations are the main external examinations which students sit at the end of their four-year program. In exceptional cases, some students are allowed to sit a limited number of these examinations in their third year.

C.X.C. examinations are taken at one of two proficiency: Basic or General. The basic proficiency examinations are intended for students who do not plan to pursue further studies in those subjects and are suitable for immediate entry into the workforce. General proficiency examinations are intended for those students who plan to pursue further studies in those subjects but are also suitable for immediate entry into the workforce.

Students who are allowed to sit the C.X.C. examinations in their third year usually sit the basic proficiency examinations in English and Mathematics to test their preparedness for the general proficiency examinations in the following year.

A student who has not been recommended by a teacher to sit the examination will not be prevented from doing so.

Registration for the C.X.C. examination usually takes place in November/December. Fees are payable for these examinations.


American College Test

Students who intend to further their education in the United States must sit the A.C.T. examination, which is an American placement examination, in December of their final year.


Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize

All tertiary level institutions in Belize require the students to sit the A.T.L.I.B examination for admission.


School parties are held at least once a term under

tight security conditions. Three security guards are on duty, and in addition, two Police Officers are engaged to do special duty during parties. Teachers are also present as chaperones. Students are not allowed to bring guests to these parties. Parties begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at midnight.


The staff room is out of bounds to students at all times.  Students sent by a teacher to retrieve an article should ask the secretary, the clerk or another teacher to get that item for them.  Under no circumstances whatsoever should a student be in the staff room. Any student found therein shall be dealt with accordingly.


The school telephone is not for the use of students except in cases of emergency and in such case the Principal must be informed of the situation. A pay phone is outside of the office but should not be used during class time. Phone cards are available from the bursar. 


Any person wishing to see a student must leave a valid identification card at the security booth and state reason of visit. A visitor’s pass will be issued which must be presented to the teacher in charge. Id card will be returned when visitor’s pass is collected at the security booth. 


Care should be exercised when using any of the school’s equipment.  Special care should be taken with equipment found in the science labs, the computer lab, and all Industrial Arts workshops. As a matter of course, no student should enter any workshop or lab without a teacher being present. Any equipment damaged in any room will have to be paid for by the student(s) responsible who will also be subject to disciplinary action.  This applies to the defacing of school furniture, graffiti on walls and writing in any school textbook as well.


Student records are available to students and prospective employers upon request by student.  Transcripts are made available at the school’s office, at a cost of ten dollars ($10.00) per copy for three days and fifteen ($15.00) per copy for 24 hr. service.


Government provides free tuition for all students.  However, laboratory/workshop fees are charged at $15.00 per subject per semester and a charge of $10.00 is made for the identification card. An additional charge for registration and sports may also be made.  However, the following special fees are charged per year:

(fee update coming up)


There is also an additional charge for ID Card, PE uniforms, Badges and Ties. Note: These fees are subject to change from time to time. All charges are payable in advance.  The Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools are in the process of standardizing school fees. Please be informed that for the upcoming school year our school fees may be subject to change. However, any increase of fees will be done gradually.