I               PERFORMANCE

At the end of the fourth year, each student must pass English Language and five other subjects.

Special note: No student should fail any subject below 40%, but this rule may be waived if a students overall Fourth Form average is 60% or more. This waiver does not apply to English Language.

II              FAILED

Students who fail the requirements of the school may repeat the school year. Failing Core Subjects entitle the student to a General Diploma.

III             REPEATING

A Student is allowed to repeat only once. Repeating is not automatic and will be allowed only on the recommendation of staff, on whether the student is likely to benefit from repeating and on the availability of space.

IV             ATTENDANCE

No student should have more than nine absences per school year except in cases of illness that must be certified by a medical practitioner.

V              WORK EXPERIENCE

All students must successfully complete two weeks (ten school days) of work experience, which is arranged by the school.


Students must complete 20 hours of community service by the end of 3rd. year, at any place approved by the school. A form is given to each student for the overseer to full out on completion of the exercise.

VII            FINANCE

All students must be in good financial standing with the school to be promoted and to graduate.


All furniture should be properly sandpapered and free of vandalism


  • Valedictorian – Top student overall- wear full yellow gown with green stripes + green rope.
  • Salutatorian & Vote of Thanks – wear green gown with yellow stripes + yellow ropes.
  • Honor graduates –  Wear white gown with white cap and yellow sash ( students with an overall average of 80% or more for four years.)
  • 1st place students for each class wear green gown with yellow sash and green caps. (based on overall average for 4th form only)
  • 2nd place students for each class – wear green gown and green caps (based on overall average for 4th form only)
  • Honor cards – students receive honor cards for subject with 80% or above.
  • Merit Cards – Top 2 students per subject receive  merit card (1st and 2nd place)