1.  Regular classes are suspended for Fourth Formers during the Diploma Exams and for the rest of the school during Final Exams.  Diploma Exams are normally held at the end of the second term and Final Exams are held at the end of the third term.
  2. All students are expected to be in full uniform during periods of examinations including CXC.
  3. Students who are absent from any exam are given a zero unless a legitimate reason is stated for the absence, such as illness or a death in the immediate family, or a natural disaster. In such cases, a medical certificate or note from a parent must be submitted.  Where the absence is legitimate, the student’s final average is the average of the first, second and third term grades.  An examination, once it has been sat, cannot be given later to a student who was absent.
  4. Students should provide themselves with their own writing materials.
  5. While writing an examination, students should not have in their possession any material not necessary to the writing of the examination. Borrowing of any materials from other students is not allowed while the exam is in progress.  All other materials such as schoolbags, textbooks or folders should be lodged with the invigilator in charge before the exam commences. 
  6. Misconduct in the exam room may lead to disqualification from the exam in which the offence occurs, suspension or expulsion, depending upon the circumstances of the case.  Misconduct includes disturbances of any kind and cheating.
  7. A student is not normally expelled from an examination room unless the offence is so disruptive as to affect the concentration of other students writing the exam.  In any event, the matter should be reported to the Principal immediately afterwards. Where cheating is suspected, the invigilator should confiscate the offending materials but allow the student to complete the exam then make a complete report to the Principal afterwards..
  8. Under no circumstances should a student be allowed to leave an exam room and return to it unless continuously supervised by a member of staff. 
  9. No student can leave an exam room for good until after one hour has elapsed.  Once the exam room has been left, it cannot be re-entered.
  10. After students have finished their exams for the morning or afternoon, they should not remain on the compound without the permission of a teacher. They should not congregate around any examination room and disturb students still writing their exams.
  11. Students who have queries about their grades should make these queries to the teacher and Principal or Vice-principal immediately after receiving their grades.  If the matter is not reported to the Principal or Vice Principal on the same day that query is made, the teacher’s original grade will stand.