Students should be in full uniform daily at all school functions unless approved otherwise by administration.  Badges form a part of the uniform and MUST be worn with the uniform.  Badges must be properly secured to avoid falling off or forgotten.  Students must wear their exposed I.D. at all times supported by a neck strap (black)(sold at the school), around the neck, whether in uniform or casual wear.

Students who appear out of uniform MUST present a note of explanation, signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Failure to comply with any of the previous or following rules/ conditions stated in the DRESS CODE will result in a warning, punishable with a detention, and upon the 3rd warning and detention, will result in a suspension.  Suspended students who must report to school MUST report in uniform.

Girl’s Dress Code

  1. A white school dress with tie. Length of dress must be one inch below the knee.
  2. White underwear.
  3. Plain long white socks (no lace, bows, stripes etc.).
  4. A pair of small earrings (about 1/2 inch in size) is allowed, preferably gold or silver or white.
  5. One necklace/ chain (under the blouse), one ring, one bracelet and one watch are allowed.
  6. No make-up, including nail polish, is allowed.
  7. Only Black shoes (flat closed) are allowed.
  8. If it is not possible to attend school in uniform, a decent white or plain colored dress should be worn or, something appropriate.
  9. On days when casual wear is officially allowed, the guiding principle should be decency.
  10. Hair must be properly groomed. Only natural hair color is accepted.

Boy’s Dress Code

  1.  White short sleeved shirt (no T shirt or long sleeved shirt)
  2. Shirt must always be properly buttoned
  3. Shirt must be tucked into the trousers
  4. Plain tailored gray trousers (no Dickies, No side pockets)
  5. If trousers require a belt, the belt must be worn at all times. There should be no sagging of trousers.
  6. The belt must be black and of appropriate length
  7. Handkerchiefs must be in the pants pockets. No washrags or towels are allowed
  8. Socks must be worn
  9. Hair must be well cut, groomed, and only natural hair color is permissible; fancy hair designs, pigtails and ponytails are not allowed
  10. Earrings are not allowed for boys.
  11. One ring, one chain (under the shirt), one bracelet and one watch is allowed
  12. Footwear should be clean only Black shoes are allowed (no slippers or sandals). Shoes must be properly laced.
  13. Beard and facial hair must be neatly maintained.