A student at the Belmopan Comprehensive School must be in attendance for at least 95% (not having missed more than nine days) of the academic year except in cases of medical illness where a doctor’s certificate is necessary.    Frequent absences that cannot be reasonably explained indicate a lack of interest. Frequent absences by any student should be brought to the Principal’s attention by the Home Room teacher. 

  • A student is considered absent if he/she misses the first two classes in any day.
  • A student who is absent without a reasonable excuse will be required to make up the absence by reporting to school for work assigned by the Principal on Saturdays or during the Christmas and Easter vacations.
  • A note signed by a parent or legal guardian must be presented to the Home Room teacher by the student during registration period on the day that the student returns to school from an absence. If the absence exceeds two days, a medical certificate must also be presented.
  • Any student who fails to comply with the Attendance & Punctuality policy will be asked to make up lost time at the end of school year or in default withdraw from school.
  • Lateness is not to be tolerated. Students who persist in coming late to school can be asked to remain at home until they are prepared to correct this poor habit.  A student is considered late if he/she is not in his/her Home Room at 8:00 a.m.
  • If late, the student must report to the Vice-principal for a late slip in order to enter his/her Home Room or class. The late slip must be given to the homeroom teacher before the end of the day
  • If a student arrives after the first class begins, a note of explanation from a parent or legal guardian must be brought to the Principal or Vice Principal. The register will then be adjusted accordingly.
  • A student who arrives late without a reasonable excuse will be punished, and after three punishments, be given a detention.
  • A note from the parent or legal guardian will be required if the parent or legal guardian should request that a student leave a school session for some reason. The note should state the reason for the request.