Welcome to Belize’s Largest High School!

The Belmopan Comprehensive School, also affectionately known as “Compre”, was established in 1970 and dates back to the birth of the City of Belmopan.  Belmopan was established in August 1970 and BCS opened its doors in September of that same year.  Compre is a co-ed school funded primarily by the Government of Belize.  The school caters to students between the average ages of 12 and 18.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Belmopan Comprehensive School is to provide an education which meets the intellectual, spiritual, social and physical needs of each student, without prejudice or discrimination.  We strive to develop individual potentials, encompassing academic excellence and relevant vocational and interpersonal skills, through a broad-based, balanced and relevant curriculum that will help each student to meet the needs and face the challenges of our society today and the future.

BCS started as an open admission school encouraging students between the ages of 12 and 14 years to be enrolled regardless of what level of primary education was completed. There was no entrance examination.  In fact, there were no requirements for promotion and graduation. These were attained solely based on age and not by merit. The earliest recorded enrollment was 73 students (37 boys and 36 girls).  Of this number, 35 students were from outside Belmopan.  There were 7 teachers in addition to the Principal, Sr. Sarita Vasquez, R.S.M. There were one Pre-Year class, one First Year Class and one Second Year class.  The curriculum was comprised of the Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Geography, History, Art, Typing, Civics and Home Economics.

Vision Statement:

To provide a safe teaching and learning environment where staff, parents, and the community work together as partners to foster the academic, emotional, physical and social growth of our students.  The Belmopan Comprehensive School will work tirelessly to promote the development of productive relationships between home, school, and the larger community on education and issues of mutual interest.

In 1977 Sr. Sarita, the first Principal, resigned and was then replaced by Mr. Michael Price who lead the insitution until his retirement in 1999; he was then replaced by Mr. Rudolph Anthony. 

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